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IMPORTANT: if you have contacted me via email, and have not had a response, please check your junk mail folder.

Are you struggling with your work or intimate relationships? Is anxiety, depression or stress making life feel very difficult at the moment? Perhaps you feel that you, or you and your partner/family, need a bit of extra help to get through a difficult patch. 

I am a London based fully qualified psychotherapist with over 15 years experience of working with families, couples and individuals. I trained at two highly respected centres of excellence: The Tavistock Centre and the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital. Alongside my private psychotherapy practice I have worked in the NHS in a specialist team at the Maudsley Hospital. Within the NHS I have supervised and trained other clinicians, and I teach on both the Clinical Psychology Doctorate and Family Therapy MSc at Kings College London. 

I work in a way that is kind, thoughtful and optimistic about the possibilities for change. You may feel that you need a short course of therapy or you may be looking for something longer term - I believe in tailoring therapy to fit with people’s needs and this is something we can discuss when we meet for the first time. 

Taking the first step to contact a psychotherapist can be daunting but, in my experience, having a safe, confidential space to talk about your thoughts, feelings and relationships can lead to greater understanding and positive change. 

I am registered with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) as well as the Association for Family Therapists (AFT).

I work with individual adults and adolescents as well as families and couples.  

Ducks Over the Lake


People often come to therapy when they feel stuck or as if something in life, such as work or love, has gone wrong. Some people have suffered painful events, such as divorce or bereavement, and are struggling to move on. 
If you are coming to psychotherapy for the first time it can be confusing trying to chose the right therapist or the right type of therapy. The important thing is that you choose someone rigorously trained who can tailor therapy to your needs. 
I am a systemically trained psychotherapist which means I am primarily interested in relationships, patterns of behaviours and thoughts, and how our lives interact with the cultural contexts in which we live. Systemic psychotherapy is often what is offered within the NHS when people are sent for couples or family therapy but it is an equally useful model for helping individuals.



Ducks Over the Lake


In our therapy sessions, we’ll work to develop a greater understanding of your thoughts, feelings and relationships in order to help you move forward from your current problems. 

I have extensive experience working with individuals suffering with, among other things, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Price per session: £90

Concessions: £75 for NHS staff as well as teachers and teaching assistants working in state funded educational settings



It may be that, as a family, you feel you spend a lot of time arguing and that it can feel difficult to move on from this. Perhaps someone in the family has been unwell and this has had a knock on effect on the rest of the family. Or perhaps you are worried about your relationship with your child and want some help getting things back on track. You may be an adult who wants to improve your relationship with your siblings or parents. 

The family therapy I provide is non-judgmental and constructive and designed to help families feel closer.

Price per session: £135

Calm Sea


Couples therapy can be for couples who are considering whether or not to split up, or couples who want some help re-connecting with one another. Many people go to couples therapy to try to strengthen their relationship, whilst others want to find a way to split up but continue to co-parent where children are involved. I have extensive experience working with both heterosexual and same-sex couples.

Price per session: £115


If you wish to book an initial assessment appointment please get in touch by emailing me at the address below or calling 07485 069 023.

Initial assessments last 50 minutes and cost the same as a regular therapy session. 

I have clinic rooms in SE15, a short walk from Peckham Rye Station.

IMPORTANT: if you have contacted me via email, and have not had a response, please check your junk mail folder. 

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